Longfellow Community Association

Longfellow Community Association



Who We Are and

What We Do

The Longfellow Community Association (LCA) aims to address the needs of our community by:

- Helping make our neighborhood a vibrant, safe, and desirable place to live, work, study, and play

- Providing a space where members can connect

- Keeping our members informed about important local issues

We hold monthly meetings to discuss neighborhood happenings, organize social events, and do community service together.

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Where exactly is Longfellow?

Longfellow encompasses the area north of Highway 580, east of Adeline Street, south of 51st Street, and west of Highway 24. Membership in the LCA is open to all residents and business in that area, and events are generally open to the public. LCA activities and meeting topics focus on Longfellow and the surrounding areas of North Oakland.